The History of Macon Country Club

from library, newspaper and old minutes (Membership Booklet 2008)

1928    March 20 – Theodore Gary to erect home on Lake                                              


1928    March 23 – City votes to sell land at Lake to Theodore Gary.


1932    Book by Henry Robbins states: “A nine-hole golf course was built and a   

            shelter of the log cabin type was built near it.  Each hole of the links is a   

            reproduction of the most noted holes of the most famous course of the  

            world, so that a recital of a game sounds like an odyssey.” (Called “Gary   



1937     Macon Golf Club Incorporated – Dues $15.00


1940     February 19 – Committee appointed to enter into contract with Mr. Charles

             Bubany as keeper of the golf course.


1941     February 6 – Voted dues for 1941 to be $20.00


1942     March 6 – Dues $20.00 including 11% Federal Tax.  The lease on the    

             grounds was about to expire and Mr. Gary was agreeable to its renewal 

             provided certain tax difficulties were taken care of.     Jack Ronchetto     

             employed at $2.00 a day to take care of concessions and to operate the 

             tractor.  Dues to be $18.00.  Chamois Yancey employed for $50.00 per 

             month to take care of the Greens.


1943     Single Women and Men dues $10.00.

             All service men in uniform play for free.

             Caddies be placed in A & B classes.  Class A receives 30¢ and Class B 

              receives 25¢.  When a caddie becomes sufficiently good he will be  moved to Class A.


1944     February 11 – Agreed to collect all golf clubs and other golf supplies not 

             being used to be sent to service men.


1946    February 26 - Recommendations:

            1.  Green fees be raised from 50¢ to 75¢ on weekdays.  $1.50 on                           


            2 .  All soft drinks be sold for 10¢.

            3.   All gambling in clubhouse  be eliminated.

            4.  Sunday morning breakfast be revived.

            5.  Dues (over 21) $36. (Single & out of town) $18.


1948    July 20 – Letter of Pres. Eggleston from Theodore Gary. His Loomis 

            Company is SOLD.


1949    February – Course sold to Bert and Pauline Thieman

            Resolutions:  Not to rent course at $1,028 a year.

            Board empowered to liquidate assets.

            Finance Committee to hold money in escrow.


1950    Theiman’s build clubhouse (cost $ 2,290.41)

             Change hole numbers.


1951    Leased to C.E. “Pete” Goodman (new clubhouse & course)  Leased 

            Log Cabin to Otis Medlin named it "Terrace Top", both leased for $600 

            a year.


1951   October - Mr. Goodman left for the Carolina's.

           A non-profit club called “The Macon Golf Club” was organized.


1952   June 16 – Macon Golf Club leased for 5 years.  The House & Course 

           from Theiman’s for $1,000 per year.


1953   June 27 – Theodore Gary Mansion SOLD.


1954    Family membership $36.00, Singles $20.00 (no stock) 


1955     Renewed lease for eight (8) years, $1,000 per year.


1959     July 1 - Signed note to purchase.  1st note for $22,500, with a 2nd note    

              for $900.  (payment due July 1, 1960)


1961     Pool and Dining Room added.


1962     July 11 - RECEIVED DEED, at 11:00 a.m.  Recorded in book #373 

             page 332, at Recorder's Office $4.00 recorder's fee paid.


1964     June 6 - Name changed and recorded in Circuit Court.  Now known as   

             the  "Macon Country Club".  Life of Corporation was changed from 50 

             years to perpetual.  Sold Stock Shares for $200.


1970     New Stock Certificates.  Now selling for $100.  Initial Fee $100.


1977     New watering systems for fairways, $35,000.

              Doris Duckworth offered to sell Log Cabin and surrounding grounds.


1982     Pump Station in City Lake, $28,010.


2000     Zoysia Fairways started.


2012     Pump and motor purchased for pump station $5,353.91.

             New controllers and sprinkler heads purchased, shipped, and installed      

             on course $34,885.80.

             Upgraded electrical system in Cart Shed #1  $1,180.

             Purchased 2 golf carts for course at a cost of $4,444.95.

             Greens mower replaced $3,704.75.

             Zoysia strips purchased and installed through donations.


2013    Additional Golf Cart Purchased

             New pump installed.


 2015   Purchased a Workman 3200 Sprayer                                                                                                                                                           Purchased a John Deere 1620 Mower


2019    New Rental Carts Purchased

             Major watering system upgrades underway